The Microsoft Developers of Southwest Michigan User's Group will officially turn out the lights in early May 2014.

Since the group's inception in June 2004, the organizers have wrestled with the challenge of finding the right combination of format, topics, and location to create a sustainable, thriving development community. While we glimpsed that a few times over the years, we were not able to keep that combination for more than a few months at a stretch. We welcome the next generation of developer-leader to pick up where we are leaving off.

In closing, we will take this opportunity to thank several people who have contributed so much over the years to the group:

  • To the many speakers that we have had the honor of hosting over the years - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. So many of you inspired excellent conversations and debates at the meetings, and got us fired up to be better software developers.
  • To our sponsors - of the rooms we've used, the dinners we've enjoyed, the swag we've taken home - thank you. It's made our jobs as coordinators so much easier knowing that those items were taken care of, night after night.
  • And last, but certainly not least, to our attendees - thank you. You were the reason we put this together in the first place, but thank you for coming and contributing to the community.

- Mike Eaton & Mark Gilbert
  MDSM Coordinators